How do you differ from a mail house?

I am trying to get my head around how you differ from a standard mail house. Do you have staff who physically fold and insert letters into envelopes then seal and take to the post office?


Dear Amie, There are several

Dear Amie,

There are several significant differences between PostalMethods and a mail house:

1. You can submit your letters by several electronic means: (1) by email; (2) through a web form; and (3) by using our Web Services. The last form enables you to integrate PostalMethods with any application you use and automate your postal letters activity.

2. You can send just the number of letters you need, whether it's one or one thousand. While mail houses typically limit your minimum quantity, PostalMethods imposes no minimums.

3. Using our Control Panel web site, you can manage your queue, see the letters you sent, see how they will look like inside the envelope and other features.

4. We support wide range of Office documents so you can continue to work with the software you are used to.

5. You can send your letters 24/7 and use the Control Panel to check your letter status. You do not need to contact or talk to anyone; it's all instant self-service. However, if you have any question, we provide quick and efficient support.