How To Send Letters From Tigerpaw CRM

PostalMethods allows Tigerpaw CRM+ users to post mail from any workstation on the office network using the convenient Word Mail Merge with Microsoft Word 2007.

Installing the PostalMethods Word 2007 Add-in

If you have not done so already, you must install the PostalMethods Word 2007 Mail Merge Add-in.

Designing your letter template

The first page of your letter contains the recipient postal address and your company return address. These addresses need to be correctly positioned so they would be clearly displayed through the envelope windows. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a PostalMethods template:

  1. Download the Word 2007 PostalMethods template
  2. Open the template using Word 2007 and design it as you wish. Just make sure you do not move the text areas appearing on the top of the first page
  3. Save your template along with your organizational Tigerpaw CRM+ templates

You can now send a single letter or a personalized letter to a group of your contacts. Please watch a detailed video tutorial showing how to perform both options in Tigerpaw CRM+.

Sending a single letter

More detailed instructions are available in this video tutorial.

  1. Select the contact person to which you would like to send a letter to

    Tigerpaw CRM - Select a contact person to send letter to
  2. Click the merge for Word icon

    Tigerpaw CRM - Launch Microsoft Word Mail Merge
  3. Select one of your PostalMethods letter templates
  4. Learn how to use the PostalMethods Word Mail Merge Add-in

Sending a personalized letter to a group

  1. Getting the Data source file from Tigerpaw CRM+

    More detailed instructions are available in this video tutorial.

    One of the most common functions performed on a group is to create a merge file that can be used in Microsoft Word. Intelligent use of groups allows you to perform very specific target marketing, send out information such as newsletters to your customers. To create a merge file:

    1. Select the group on the Group Explorer view

      Tigerpaw CRM - Launch group explorer
    2. Click the Export for MS Word tool button

      Tigerpaw CRM - Select a group and click Export for MS Word
    3. Select the directory in which you wish to store the data file. Make sure save as type: is set to word merge file (*.txt)
    4. Close the Tigerpaw Group Explorer window
  2. Merge your data in Word

    1. Start Microsoft Word 2007 and open your PostalMethods letter template
    2. Go through the mail merge process as you usually do. Use the data file you saved in the previous step as your data source.
      To learn more about mail merge, view the Online Course or read the mail merge tutorial provided by Microsoft.

Using the Word Mail Merge Add-in to Send Letters