Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mail Merge Instructions

PostalMethods allows users to send letters from any workstation on the office network, directly from Microsoft® Dynamics CRM using the convenient Mail Merge integration with Microsoft Word 2007.


Install the PostalMethods Word 2007 Mail Merge Add-in

Set Up A Mail Merge Template

To use the Dynamics CRM Mail Merge feature, you are required to pre-upload a mail merge template. You must have sufficient privileges to perform these steps. Consult with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator.

  1. Create a Word 2007 document to be used as a template:
    • The recipient and return addresses must be positioned correctly to be visible through the envelope windows
    • Template must be in XML format. Save your document as a Word XML Document (*.xml)
    • You may use our Dynamics CRM Sample Template (right-click on the link and "Save As...")
  2. Go to Settings > Templates > Mail Merge Templates

    Dynamics CRM - Settings Templates Mail Merge
  3. Create a new mail merge template

    Dynamics CRM - Create a new mail merge template
  4. Provide needed details:
    • Name and Description: provide details that would help other CRM users identify this template as suitable for sending postal letters
    • Associated Entity: specify which CRM identity is associated with this template. For this tutorial, was used the Contact entity
    • Ownership: if your permissions allow it, you may set this template to be used by all CRM users. If it is set to Individual only you would be able to use it
    • File Name: attach your mail merge XML template
    • Save your mail merge template settings

    Dynamics CRM - Upload a Word XML template file

Start The Mail Merge

  1. Go to the entity to which you associated your template with. In this example, we associated the template with the Contact entity. In Workspace > Contacts, click on the Mail Merge icon to initiate the mail merge process

    Dynamics CRM - Select contacts and create a mail merge
  2. Provide mail merge details:
    • Select the mail merge type: Letter
    • Start with a: select the template created in the previous tutorial step
    • Merge: select which contacts to include in the merge
    • Date Fields: choose which data fields to include in the merge. Remember you must provide the full postal address

    Dynamics CRM - Select mail merge template and merge fields

  3. Click OK. Dynamics CRM creates the data source and prompts you to open a Word document created from your template with the data source provided inside a pink comment field.

    Dynamics CRM - Word mail merge template with data as comment
  4. In the Word document > Mailings tab, click on the CRM button in order for Word to take the data and process it as mail merge data source. Note if this is the first time you are using the CRM mail merge feature, you are required to enable macros provided by Microsoft and to re-open the document for the CRM button to work

    Dynamics CRM - Word mail merge CRM marco

    Word process the data and presents it as a mail merge data source

    Dynamics CRM - Word mail merge recipients list

Using the Word Mail Merge Add-in