You can easily edit Business-in-a-Box templates to fit PostalMethods. Correctly place the recipient and return address boxes and re-design the template as you would like your letter to look like.

  1. Open Business-in-a-Box, select the template you wish to edit and click Open.
  2. Download and open the PostalMethods Microsoft Word 2007 template. In Microsoft Word 2007, use your keyboard to Select All by clicking on CTRL+A and to Copy by clicking on CTRL+C. Not everything will appear as selected but please continue.
  3. Go back to your Business-in-a-Box selected template, position your cursor at the beginning of the template and use your keyboard to paste the copied content by clicking on CTRL+V. The two address boxes will now appear on top of your template.
  4. Redesign your template to fit the two address boxes and make sure not to change their position.
  5. Enter your return address details in the top address box.
  6. Save the template by clicking on File and selecting Save As....
  7. The template will now appear under the My Files folder.
  8. Whenever you want to send a letter, open your template, write your letter, save it as a Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx) and follow our How To Send A Letter By Email guide to use your newly created template for sending snail mail.