How To Send Letters From


Install the PostalMethods Application in Box

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to the PostalMethods application
  3. Click on Add Application and on the popup message click Okay
    Box - Add the PostalMethods application

Send Letters from Box

  1. When viewing your files in Box, click on the blue action button next to a Supported File Type and select the "Send as letter" action
    Box - Select Send as letter action
  2. In the popup box:
    1. Fill in your PostalMethods username and password (if you do not have one - register here)
    2. Fill in the recipient's postal address
    3. Select whether to send your letter live (Send Letter) or simulate the sending of your letter so you can view when it would look like before it is sent (Simulate Letter)
      Box - Send as letter popup screen
    4. Click Okay. Your document is processed and sent to PostalMethods. The sending result message is displayed at the top of your Box files
      Box - Result message