A new version of the PostalMethods Web Service (2009-02-26) was published. New version improves status queries and introduces some new features and abilities.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced plans to raise the price of First-Class Mail, from May 11 2009.

Our new pricing allows you to immediately start saving money on your postal delivery needs. A letter now starts at $0.99 and decreases dramatically depending on volume. Our new $10,000 prepaid package enables clients to achieve even higher discounts than before.

A new feature within the PostalMethods control panel allows users to send letters using a standard form.

Ruby developers rejoice!

A new tutorial shows how to send letters via PostalMethods directly from SAP R/3.

Updated: Additional code samples for working with the PostalMethods API have been added to the postal API code samples section.

Privacy-sensitive clients will be happy to hear about this addition to PostalMethods features.

The PostalMethods Control Panel and Web Service were successfully upgraded this morning to resolve a couple of urgent issues.

If Babelfish and GoogleTranslate are anything to go by, PostalMethods just got some good press in a language we don't even understand - Chinese!