By popular demand, PostalMethods now supports Open Office file types for sending letters!

Two new methods were added today which allows controlling your pre-uploaded files. See the SOAP documentation for more details.

Design and upload letter templates and send letters just by providing your variable data. This new ability makes it easy to produce personalized letters with variable data - especially when sending large quantities of letters. Read the tutorial.

Two new features are now available in the Control Panel Activity section. Resend simulated mail items as live ones and fix addresses of mail items with unverified addresses.

A new version of the PostalMethods Web Service (2009-02-26) was published. New version improves status queries and introduces some new features and abilities.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced plans to raise the price of First-Class Mail, from May 11 2009.

Our new pricing allows you to immediately start saving money on your postal delivery needs. A letter now starts at $0.99 and decreases dramatically depending on volume. Our new $10,000 prepaid package enables clients to achieve even higher discounts than before.

A new feature within the PostalMethods control panel allows users to send letters using a standard form.

Ruby developers rejoice!