We are pleased to announce that you can now send postcards via PostalMethods to any destination worldwide.

Here at PostalMethods we always strive to maintain the highest quality for our customers. Unfortunately, we have been receiving negative feedback regarding the postcards produced by our system recently. As a result of this, we have decided to switch to an alternative supplier for postcard output.

Now you can send letters with reply envelope and perforation using the SendLetterAdvanced method.

What do you get when you combine, the leading collaboration platform on the web, with PostalMethods, a web-to-post gateway that allows you to automate postal mail? The ability to share, access, and collaborate with documents of any kind from anywhere in the world and then mail those documents through the post, as effortlessly as sending an email.

You can now send snail mail invoices directly from Billing Manager by Intuit. Just follow our detailed tutorial and send paper invoices to your customers in no time.

By popular demand, PostalMethods now supports Open Office file types for sending letters!

Two new methods were added today which allows controlling your pre-uploaded files. See the SOAP documentation for more details.

Design and upload letter templates and send letters just by providing your variable data. This new ability makes it easy to produce personalized letters with variable data - especially when sending large quantities of letters. Read the tutorial.

Two new features are now available in the Control Panel Activity section. Resend simulated mail items as live ones and fix addresses of mail items with unverified addresses.

PostalMethods proudly presents its new Mail Merge Add-in for Microsoft Word 2007. Send batches of merged letters directly from Word 2007 using the widely-used Mail Merge feature.