The UploadFile() method allows users to pre-upload images, documents or templates to be used when sending letters and postcards through the PostalMethods service.

When sending multiple letters and postcards containing similar content, you may upload them first to the PostalMethods servers and reference them when executing a "Send" request. Please view the various "Send" methods for more details.


Number of pre-uploaded files is limited per account. See limitation details.

Formal Definition



Property Type Comments
Username String As provided during registration
Password String As provided during registration
MyFileName String Up to 255 characters.
Format: <filename>.<extension>
Give a name to the uploading file. Use this name when referring to this file in one of the Send methods. File name is unique for all users of the account.
FileBinaryData base64Binary Document represented as base64 encoded binary data
Permissions Account or User Determines which users can access this file. See File Permissions
Description string Free text field. Add your description to help you identify it
Overwrite boolean Indicates whether to overwrite an existing file with the same file name

Output: UploadFileResponse

Element Type Comments
UploadFileResult int In case of successful submission, the value -3000 is returned.
In case of failure, a value different than -3000 is returned indicating the failure reason. See the list of Web Service Result Codes.

File Permissions:

Action User Account
Upload files User permissions Account or User permissions
Delete files Only my files All files
View file details My files and Account files All files
Use files for sending My files and Account files All files

Account Administrators can set the user's permissions level in the PostalMethods Control Panel > Account > Users.

Change Log

  • Added a "Description" field