The GetLetterStatusV2_Multiple() method is a way to get a status report of multiple letters - in a single Web Service request.

Formal Definition


Property Type Comments
Username String As provided during registration
Password String As provided during registration
ID string Matches the IDs provided as the response to the original Web Service requests.
Comma delimited string (Example: ID="1234567,2345678,3456789").
Number of IDs is limited to 1000 items per query. Additional items will be ignored.
IDs appearing in the list which are not assigned to the account or to which the user has no permissions to access will be returned in the response with a status code which describes the error Add link and zeroed time stamp

Output: GetLetterStatusV2_MultipleResponse

Structure: GetLetterStatusV2_MultipleResult

Element Type Comments
ResultCode int Result code for this Web Service request. Possible result codes appear in the Web Service Result Codes list.
LetterStatuses Array Array of LetterStatus structures


Element Type Comments
ID int Corresponds to one of the IDs sent in the request
Status int The current status code of the letter.
Letter Sending Status Codes
Description string The text description for the status code of the letter.
Letter Sending Status Codes
LastUpdateTime DateTime The time stamp of the last update made to the letter's status.