Email to Post

Email to Post refers to a capability that allows a user to send an email, which is automatically processed and converted into a postal letter. PostalMethods implements Email to Post transparently. Here's what you need to do to turn your emails into letters:

  1. Sign up for a PostalMethods account
  2. Download a Word template and use it to write your letter
  3. Send your letter as an email attachment to

That's it! PostalMethods will convert your Email to Post. Track your letter's status through the control panel Activity tab


About PostalMethods Email to Post

PostalMethods is a convenient email-to-post gateway which makes it easy for businesses to automate the sending of postal mail from their business processes.

The service can be used easily from any email program - such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Gmail - or through a powerful SOAP XML or HTTP POST API.

The service makes it effortless to post invoices, send confirmations, or send any other type of message via postal mail ("snail mail"). Additionally, letters can easily be generated from any online service or legacy application.

No more manual printing, folding, inserting, sealing, stamping, or delivering. PostalMethods does it all for you.



About PostalMethods

The PostalMethods Email to Post service is brought to you by the same people who operate InterFAX, a flexible and highly-reliable internet fax service. With more than 30,000 subscribers in 159 countries, we offer businesses of all sizes more than 99.9% availability of our services, quick turnaround times, and dedicated customer service.