Send Postal Letters Using Word Mail Merge

PostalMethods Add-in

PostalMethods enables Microsoft® Office users to send postal letters directly from Microsoft® Word 2007 with a click of a button.

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PostalMethods lets users send letters from any workstation on the office network, directly from Office Word using the convenient Word Mail Merge. With no learning curve, PostalMethods is easy to install and use. Use Word Mail Merge to design your document, select your data source containing your recipients' postal addresses and send personalized letters with no effort.


Download the PostalMethods Add-In installer for Microsoft® Word 2007 and execute it.

Please note you are required to have Microsoft Word 2007 installed and your PostalMethods user credentials. If you do not have a PostalMethods user, you can register for a free evaluation account. Other software prerequisites, such as .NET Framework 3.5, will be installed if needed during the installation.

Once the installation is completed, open Microsoft Word 2007 and start a mail merge process, as you usually do. When you are ready to send your letters, go to the Mailing tab, click on Finish & Merge and select Send Letters via PostalMethods....


The PostalMethods Add-in for Microsoft® Word Mail Merge is just another - very efficient - method of sending letters via PostalMethods, therefore our standard prices apply.

If you are new to PostalMethods, please register for a free trial account first.


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