About PostalMethods

PostalMethods is brought to you by the same people who operate Integ, an authentically full-service company-beginning with conceptes to implementing strategies through data, printing and content delivery.

About Us

Integ has been offering printing and mailing services since 1996. The Integ name embodies our commitment to bringing our full integration of data, print and mail capabilities, as well as traditional and digital marketing muscle, to our ever-growing client roster, while maintaining the highest integrity to both our clients and employee family .

Outstanding Personal Service

As a small operation we can offer outstanding personal service. A professional and experienced staff responds to requests almost immediately, making users feel like they're communicating with an in-house "messaging department".

Developer-Friendly System

For customers wishing to integrate messaging into software applications, such as order processing, travel management and workflow systems, we offers a range of simple and well-documented API's. A free developer program allows programmers to test their applications on an operational system, with no commitment. We also provide free support and assistance by the in-house developers who build and maintain the system.