Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

So, who just is an entrepreneur, what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?... well Wikipedia says, "An entrepreneur is a man or woman who has possession of a new enterprise, undertaking or idea and assumes important accountability for the inherent dangers and the result"... umm... okay but I would rather say, that an perfect entrepreneur is a man or woman who guides a manpower in purchase to implement an notion(isn't going to make a difference if it is his or of an individual else and whether it is new or aged) to fulfill individuals who want the positive aspects developed by it, which benefits in fiscal outcomes or income.

So the basic attributes or characteristics of an entrepreneur would be:

- He or she need to have an Concept (once again, irrespective of who at first thought of it and whether it is new or previous).

- He or she ought to have the inspiration/urge to pursue or implement the concept.

- He or she ought to have accessibility to manpower or to the capacity to make manpower obtainable to him (marketing abilities use listed here).

- He or she ought to be a great leader.

But then, there are other sorts of folks as well who have some or numerous of the above pointed out attributes but we will not call them Entrepreneur. A good case in point of this sort of an person could be a scientist. Experts do have concepts or, in other terms, they can truly produce concepts. They are absolutely excited or motivated about pursuing their tips and no doubt, they are excellent leaders as effectively and they, for positive have obtain to at the very least small manpower (No, most researchers will not operate in solitude as demonstrated in videos like Robin Williams' Flubber or Frankenstein, they have at the very least two-10 individuals working below them as junior experts). But then why do not we get in touch with a scientist an entrepreneur as properly? Is he an exception to the previously mentioned definition?... food for thought huh?

And how about a dictator? He has his personal or borrowed tips, He needs to apply them, he has obtain to male power, can guidebook them very effectively... in simple fact, they will do virtually anything he would like. So, does Leon Siebel , a dictator is an entrepreneur or, an entrepreneur is a dictator!!

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